De-Throned is a Mod for the PC Game Oblivion, and will be set in England during the English Civil War 1641-1651
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 Off Topic, but to show ya all thats all

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PostSubject: Off Topic, but to show ya all thats all   Wed Mar 03, 2010 7:18 am


I am the new recruit (unlike other peeps i aint a modder) i just write stuff. To show you that i aint lying this is a peice of what i have written.

Also this the link to my Fiction Press Porfile, you can see all the stories i ahev started Very Happy

The Four Runes of Power


He ran soundlessly in the night, he knew there were the horrible Deyt catching up with him but he couldn't stop, oh no he couldn't.

He jumped over a rotten log and knew that many little beasts lived in it and that they would soon be crushed to dust, their miserable life ended brutally.

He ran like the wind but his pursuers were even faster, he knew what would happen if he surrendered, he would suffer thing worse than death, pain beyond human imagination.

He stopped suddenly, he was in a middle of a stone quarry and he had no more way to run. He turned toward the way the Deyt where coming and prepared himself for the last battle he would live.

He was an elf, he had long dark hair and he had brass earring hung to them, his nose was sharp and his eyes were icy blue, he always wore a stern face so people would never know his true emotion. He was dressed in rags, normally his clothes were riches but after escaping monsters in a jungle they had gone into rags. He was tall and well muscled, a fine men in his prime and it was such a pity that he would die at his age.

He raised his ancient sword, it wasn't any normal sword for his was made with long pearled on the blade guard and his blade was made of metal-ivy twined together forming a double edged sword. Lighting stroked the blade, fusing it with the power of the nature, he took in his hand his Rune, the Rune that was bestowed upon him to protect with his life at no matter nor cost.

He put the Rune on his chest, its green metal leaf with the sap twining from other leaf on the Rune, it was pulsing deep warmth power and he knew the damage it could do in the wrong hand.

It melted in his heart, making it a part of him, when he would die it would be blasted to a place where only someone with pureness in his mind could take it.

He was cut short of dreaming when he heard the giant monsters crashing in the quarry, they were tall bald and freak of Nature, their small dilated eyes could see nothing but their senses behind their shaggy mane knew exactly where he was, they big arms pushed forward toward him, raised morbidly.

He leaped at them, sword lashing out with the fury of his heart, members of Deyt flew everywhere, blood spurting and head decapitating, but not without a price. Injury after injury the tall man received but he wouldn't die, not just yet. He raised his sword once again; dripping blood on his face he slammed the blade in the ground, creating a shockwave that killed directly the huge monsters. They toppled, blood streaming from every pore, staining the nature and beauty of the old quarry.

The blade turned to stone and for a brief instant he felt a moment of pure joy, he had dealt with the enemy. He had protected the Rune with his life, he had done it!

His body was too frail after the injury and the rune inside of his heart, he turned to dust directly, feeling no pain what so ever.

The Rune glowed like a star and shot off in the sky, till it couldn't push anymore versus the gravity force of its mother, its power grew weak it fell again, toward its new emplacement where it would lie dormant, waiting for a new protector.
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Off Topic, but to show ya all thats all
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