De-Throned is a Mod for the PC Game Oblivion, and will be set in England during the English Civil War 1641-1651
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 The noble's estate

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PostSubject: The noble's estate   Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:17 pm

The Noble\'s Estate (for lack of better title)

This would most likely be a side quest, although it could be implemented into the main quest.


Noble\'s Wife
Noble\'s Gaurds (~ 3)
Noble\'s servant
Rebel Leader
Rebel Subordinates (~ 3)
Rest of village
[No names yet]

Quest Summary:

1) Acquire Quest
2) Talk to the rebel leader or the noble to find out about each of their situations.
3) Either kill the rebel leader or assemble with the villagers and assault the Noble\'s estate, killing everyone.
4) Collect Reward

Quest Walkthrough:

1) You can find out about this through Rumors. They would say how they heard about the growing tensions in [insert town here). The king can\'t spare men to protect the noble, and the villagers need an experienced fighter to help them.
2) Alternatively, you can just visit the village yourself and hear about the rebellion.
3) After hearing about it through rumors or by talking to a villager, you can choose between helping the noble and helping the rebels.

The noble\'s side:

1) He tells you that a few villagers have been on the verge of local rebellion, and he needs them stopped. Unfortunately, he can\'t send his guards because that would anger the other villagers even more, so he needs to send a freelancer. He then tells you that you should kill the rebel leader.
2) You are then directed to the guards. The captain tells you that if you wanted, he could come along with you, even against the noble\'s orders. He tells you that if you accept, you would make the noble very angry. He also tells you that you should look for an opportunity to kill the rebel leader alone, so you won\'t have to kill anyone else.
3) You can then proceed to the local bar/inn (during the day time), where the rebels are meeting. Upon entering, the leader, as well as the rebels, attack you. If were using the bounty system, this will give you a bounty.
4) During the night, the leader is alone in his house, and killing him then will not anger anybody, nor will you incur a bounty.
5) Once you go back to the noble, he will give you some gold as payment. You will also gain faction with the royalists. However, if you chose to bring along the guard captain with you, the noble will express how angry he is and only give you half that gold.

The rebel\'s side:

1) Upon meeting with the rebels in the local tavern, they tell you that the noble has been treating them unfairly and they mean to stop it.
2) They tell you that they don\'t have the fighting experience to take down the guards, and someone like you would be very useful.
3) After talking, they tell you to meet them at a secret location outside of town at night to begin the attack.
4) Once you meet at the location with the rebels, they begin to head toward the estate.
5) At the estate, there are two guards outside the gate who you must kill to get a key to enter the grounds.
6) On the estate grounds, there is some kind of servant (blacksmith, stablemaster, etc.) who you can choose to kill or not.
7) The servant would say something like \"Please, don\'t kill me! I\'m just a servant.\" You could either respond \"Kill him. He\'s one of them.\" or \"Let\'s just leave this servant alone. He has nothing to do with [noble\'s name]\"
8 ) Either way, you either obtain a key to the house from the servant (or his body).
9) Inside the house, there is the noble, the gaurd captian, and the noble\'s wife. You kill them all.
10) After the killing is finished, the rebel leader tells you you can take anything from the esate that you wish.
11) You also gain faction with the Parliamentariasts.

During this quest, if you bring the gaurd captain along with you, he is not essential, but he will probably survive the fight.
When fighting with the rebels, the rebel leader is essential, but the rest of them are not. Chances are, most of the rebels will die.

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PostSubject: Re: The noble's estate   Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:18 pm

Great, I really like the idea of this quest:)
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The noble's estate
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