De-Throned is a Mod for the PC Game Oblivion, and will be set in England during the English Civil War 1641-1651
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 Armor/Weapon Types

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PostSubject: Armor/Weapon Types   Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:28 pm

Well, because this mod is historically accurate, the only weapon types we can use from Vanilla Oblivion are iron and steel, and same with heavy armor. For light armor, only leather (I'm not sure if they used fur though). I think we could subdivide these types even further to get more types, and have for instance, in order of worst to best quality: rust iron sword, worn iron sword, iron sword, fine iron sword, rusty steel word, worn steel sword, steel sword, and fine steel sword. For leather armor, it could be like: torn leather armor, leather armor, hardened leather armor, iron studded leather armor, and steal studded leather armor. Or something like that.

We could use silver weapons, but in reality, those would function more as ceremonial weapons because silver's not strong.

Also, there could have been other types of weapons people used back then (like bone or something).
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PostSubject: Re: Armor/Weapon Types   Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:29 am

That would be good as long as we didnt do a "bethesda" with the weapons and armour, we should at leaast creat a new amour for each one Wink
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Armor/Weapon Types
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