De-Throned is a Mod for the PC Game Oblivion, and will be set in England during the English Civil War 1641-1651
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 Blackpowder Bombs

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PostSubject: Blackpowder Bombs   Mon May 03, 2010 9:36 pm

Imagine this:

On a cold and dreary morning, a lone Parlimentary guard walks slowly with his halberd in front of Westminster Hall. His head nods slowly, as if timing his steps across the frozen, crunching grass. As he nears the end of the lawn, he is startled to hear a faint hissing sound. Realizing that it is coming from behind a nearby tree, the guard tightens his grip on his weapon and slowly advances towards the sound. The hissing becomes even louder as he nears the tree. Crouching down behind his halberd, he cranes his neck around the tree to find the source. The only thing he finds is a small covered pot. Confused, he scratches his head. Only then does he see the black fuse and the orange-yellow flame. The guard recoils in shock.


The explosion is heard across the Thames.

Okay, so what I found on TES Nexus was a mod called Blackpowder Bombs. This mod adds a small collection of seemingly harmless covered pots to the game. Harmless indeed; each is filled with enough black powder to level the Imperial City. There are two kinds of bombs we could use, Big and Medium. The Medium is equal to a stick of dynamite. Light the fuse and wait five seconds, and it will literally blow up in a blast of fire and sound, killing nearby NPCs and sending items flying. The Big, well, let's say it's like accidentely sticking a match in the powder room. Check the file out on Nexus and watch the video. Believe me, it's funny.

How can we use it? Guerilla and terror tactics. Royalists or Rebels seeking to undermine Parliment could plant bombs in London, which are scripted to go off at certain points in the main quest. Or we could have Parlimentary forces plant bombs in Charles' camp. Or, if we feel ambitious we could utilize the new tripwire added to the file. Maybe an unlucky Parlimentary soldier sees a little gold at the end of a hall during a quest. Greedily, he runs towards the shiny prize, ignoring the nearly invisible tripwire nearby. There's a snap and a boom: He's dead.

Anyway, I think this would be a great addition if we could get it as a resource.

Thanks and tell me what you think,


Edit: I should probably add that expect for the tripwire explosive, blackpowder can be dangerous if exploded too close to the player. Smaller charges can be taken from the tripwire's explosive, but big ones are really fun to watch and can really stun the player if they're not expecting it.
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Blackpowder Bombs
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