De-Throned is a Mod for the PC Game Oblivion, and will be set in England during the English Civil War 1641-1651
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 The witch hunt! v1

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PostSubject: The witch hunt! v1   Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:13 pm

The witch hunt (Free form or village quest) v.1
The characters:
• Captain Gwynne
• The ‘witch’-
• People of the village
• Father john
• Jailer
• Local women who has been put under spells
Some of these characters wont be specific atm but will be updated later.

Quest over view:
1) Acquire quest.
2) Find and talk to either the witch or the captain to gain there sides of the story.
3) Either arrest the witch or cover her escape.
4) Find out about the cult

Quest walkthrough:
1) You can acquire this quest through rumours (assuming we are keeping that function) in said village.
2) You can either take one of two side with the accused witch or with the captain of the local guard Gwynne.

The witch’s side:
1) To find the witch you must find a small hut at the river side. She will be wondering around the house picking crops or swimming a raft on the river. She can also be found late at some nights in the middle of the nearby field with a cooking pot.

2) She is surprised to find that the guard’s have sent you, she says she has done nothing wrong but make simple medicines and poultices from herbs.

3) She says that if you could persuade the guards to leave an innocent woman to go she would give you something to help you.


5) After you get rid of the guards the witch gives you simple herbs and leaves the area for fear of more prosecution.

The guard’s side:
1) The local guards have received complaints from locals that they have had spells put on them by a witch. They point you to their captain and to a local women who has been put under a spell.

2) The guard captain tells you he is eager to get rid of the witch and to either go to farther john or the local women.

3) The local women tells you the witch turned her into a frog (monthy python reference anyone?), but that she is okay now. But she really needs to get back at the witch.

4) The farther gives you some equipment to help combat the witch (these do not actually help you apart from say a weapon).

5) You can then kill the witch for a reward.

The reprocussions:
If you helped the witch you gain some healing items and lose respect gain infamy from the village.
If you helped the guard’s you gain respect or fame and also gain some things of military value.

Either way you will gain a message from the guards a few days later about the next quest “the cult hunt”.

Speech options for characters:

Feel free to comment and criticize (this is the very basics of the quest laid out, I will add details as they become more appropaite such as I know possible rewards). Love hunter Wink
EDIT: i forgot to include thejailor lol so i might edit him out in the next version.
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PostSubject: Re: The witch hunt! v1   Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:21 pm

Sounds good, Maybe the next quest "The Cult Hunt" maybe you could do something like they added herbs to the water that made the Woman Hallucinate that made her think shes a frog
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The witch hunt! v1
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